Benefits of Nasal Breathing

An athlete should focus primarily on breathing to improve his/her performance. BY ANNETTE VERPILLOT AUGUST 22, 2017 Indeed, to warm-up, stretch and improve one's physical condition are not the only criteria responsible for the results of an...

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Fix Your Lower Back Pain

Annette Verpillot MAY 9 2017 Fix Your Low Back Pain (Two Tips) When talking about lower back pain, we’re not inclined to think that the clenching of our teeth could have a negative repercussion. Our jaws (maxillary and mandible) are linked to our anterior and...

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Knee Pain (HOW TO FIX IT)

Annette Verpillot APRIL 5  2017 Fix Your Knee Pain in 2 Easy Steps   Tip Number 1 - Fix Your Feet Fix Your Knee The movement of the knee joint is influenced by the movement of the ankle joint. To make sure you have proper biomechanics of your knee, you should...

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How To Improve Shoulder Flexion

Annette Verpillot Feb 28, 2017 How To Improve Shoulder Flexion One of the muscles responsible for adduction upwards rotation and elevation of the scapula is the upper trapezius. The upper is innervated by the XI cranial nerve and shares a direct relationship with the...

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Is Your Trainer Killing You

Annette Verpillot FEBUARY 9 2017 For most people, good posture is often associated with improved appearance and reduced incidence of low back pain. These benefits are certainly true, but achieving optimal postural alignment is also essential to achieving athletic...

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The Weak Shoulder Fix

Annette Verpillot Jan 18 2017 The Weak Shoulder Fix Weight lifting is important for building muscle mass and size, however it isn’t the only key element of shoulder training. Posture is essential if you want to be injury free and want to start adding serious size to...

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Perform a Postural Assessment in Less Than 2 Mins

Annette Verpillot Dec 08 2016 Perform a postural assessment in less than 2 minutes with your clients. Postural Recalibration is a simple, painless way to make dramatic improvements in your posture and appearance in as little as 2 minutes. With Posturology you can...

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Improve Your Chin Up

Annette Verpillot Dec 08 2016 Correcting posture can have a huge impact on sports performance and injury prevention. Here is a short video of a chin up preformed by Allan McVaughn of the men's Basketball Team, before and after postural correction. [bctt...

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Increase Your Grip Strength

Annette Verpillot Dec 08 2016 When your grip strength improves, less neural drive is needed for the forearm and hand muscles to perform other exercises. That is why many trainees report breaking training plateaus ranging from dead lifts to curls. Charles...

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Posture and Optimal Muscle Contraction

Annette Verpillot Dec 2 2016 Posture and Optimal Muscle Contraction Have you ever had a side that was weaker than the other on a particular movement or exercise?  When the body is out of alignment, even if only slightly, this causes muscular compensation. This...

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Posture Made Perfect

Annette Verpillot Sept 26 2016 Posturology is a fast, painless way to make dramatic improvements in your posture and appearance. With Posturology you can also increase athletic performance and help permanently resolve many of the causes of back, neck, knee, and foot...

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How to Prevent Ankle Injuries

Annette Verpillot Aug 22 2016 Ankle injuries are among the single most common type of injury that occurs to athletes, but you don’t have to be a jock to find yourself suffering from ankle sprains and strains. First, consider that the difference between a sprain and...

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How to Fix Rounded Shoulders

Annette Verpillot Aug 22 2016 How to Fix Rounded Shoulders… If you’re reading this, there’s a very good chance that you have round shoulders. And if you’ve had rounded shoulders for a long time, chances are you want to find a quick, permanent way to resolve the...

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How to Get your Glutes Fired Up

Annette Verpillot August 09 2016 Every 5-10 years or so a revolution pops up in physical fitness and athletic training where all the focus is on one form of training. Working the “core,” stability training, posterior chain training, interval training, and mobility...

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The Flat Feet Solution

Annette Verpillot Aug 22 2016 Flat feet – sounds funny, but it’s no joke. In the US military it used to be that having flat feet would routinely excuse potential recruits from military service. Today, that rule is no longer strictly enforced, but if it were, the...

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